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About “mein NOW”

"mein NOW" is a service dedicated to supporting your professional growth and development, recognizing that navigating the further education landscape can be exhausting. Established by the German Federal Employment Agency, it's an integral component of the National Education Strategy. This strategy addresses the evolving demands of the labour market brought about by factors such as digitalization, demographic changes, and the move towards green practices.

"mein NOW" aims to provide an accessible, centralized digital gateway to the world of further education. On this site, you'll find invaluable resources to enhance your professional journey, including online assessments, advisory services, and a comprehensive list of available vocational training courses.

Discover the benefits of “mein NOW”

  • Boost your employability and stand out in the job market

  • Develop arguments for a salary increase by upgrading your expertise

  • Adapt to new demands of your profession in the digital age

  • Expand your professional knowledge and propel your career

Unlock the benefits of "mein NOW" even if you don't speak German

"mein NOW" is mainly in German to give the best experience. You need to know German well to use all of our services and get the most from "mein NOW." However, you can use your browser's translation feature to read "mein NOW" in the language you like.

Empowering your career development in Germany: key information and resources

Expand your job skills and propel your career forward by exploring our language and integration courses today:

German language courses for work (available in German)

Integration courses

Recognition of qualifications 

Assess your job prospects in Germany

Working in Germany as a foreigner

Ready to embark on "mein NOW": Germany's portal for professional development

You have sufficient knowledge of the German language? Then you can unlock the full potential of “mein NOW”: access counselling, continuing education database, and professional orientation tools and services.

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